abstraction I

The first episode in a collection dedicated to trusting the stream of consciousness; engaging less as a judge and more as a curator.
Opening up and accepting flaws, searching for motives without creating them.

Naturally, this is a more personal assemblage of work I've been sitting on for a while so I'm glad this is seeing the light of day.

abstraction I streaming on all platforms and available as a free download on Bandcamp.

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His Dream

Today marks the release of His Dream, an EP dedicated to the Hallo Montag parties at IPSE.

Listen here

Trees In Your Orchard & EDOGoods Fundraiser

EDOGoods and I are partnering up to release a limited run of T-Shirts featuring collages of AI-generated landscape imagery. Each T-Shirt is unique.

In addition we're selling art prints by Jo Jakob Hübner, cutestever, Alina Titova, EDO and me. The fundraising party will be hosted at the EDOGoods pop-up store and profits will be donated to Primaklima e.V.

For the fundraiser, I also created an installation with a continuous stream of popups dedicated to sustainable efforts on top of morphing landscape imagery. Excerpt available below:

Trees In Your Orchard

I'm releasing an hour long piece entitled "Trees In Your Orchard". The title is taken from a passage in The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran.

Trees was made in September 2019, after being frustrated by power structures and the lack of respect we have towards nature.

Listen here

Liveset at This Is Not...A Party ADE 2019


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